STRIVE Employment Training

Using the nationally recognized STRIVE model, The Family School addresses self-defeating attitudes and behaviors that prevent workplace success. Participants are trained in employability skills and graduates are placed in jobs offering career advancement.

Enrollment is open to the San Francisco community. Unemployed and low-income residents are encouraged to apply. Call (415) 550-4173 to schedule an appointment.

An intensive three-week training program, The Family School/STRIVE program prepares participants for employment success. 

Orientation – The First Step

Program Participants participate in an intake/assessment process designed to identify education, employment and personal needs. The purpose of this part of the program is to identify and address potential barriers to success and to create a foundation for success.

Training – The Second Step

STRIVE employment training stresses accountability, responsibility and personal growth. This three-week training takes place in a simulated work environment where individuals address personal obstacles in employment success. With challenge and support of trainers, participants become empowered, discovering their own strengths and gaining the skills and confidence necessary for success in the world of work. 

Job Placement

After completing training, STRIVE graduates are assigned to a Job Developer who works one-on-one with each graduate on the implementation of their job search strategy. Strong relationships with employers provide opportunities for rapid placement and earnings above minimum wage.  Strong employer relationships and work ready graduates are key components of STRIVE’s dedicated and effective approach to job development. Employers benefit from having well-trained employees who are enthusiastic about the job and committed to self-improvement. Additional employer services include on-the-job coaching, on-site recruiting assistance, and customized training services.

Graduate Services

STRIVE is the beginning of a long-term relationship. Graduates continue to grow professionally with the help of a comprehensive, 2-year, graduate services component. In order to insure job retention and to maximize opportunities for career advancement, graduates are offered assistance with career planning, continued education and specialized workshops.  The two-year follow-up is a critical factor to ensuring the long-term success of the STRIVE graduates.

Graduates of STRIVE San Francisco are ready to become valuable members of your staff. They leave our program with an understanding of workplace expectations and have the knowledge required to be successful in the workplace. 

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